Potency and Cannabinoid Profile

Layer 1


Maine requires cannabis cultivators and processing facilities have their product analyzed for total THC (as sum of THCA and delta-9 THC), and total CBD (as sum of CBDA and CBD). A recent study in California revealed that over 50% of cannabis products purchased from state licensed dispensaries are mislabeled with respect to THC content. Using HPLC (liquid chromatography) combined with PDA (photodiode array detection), our method for the chromatographic separation and quantitative monitoring of sixteen primary Cannabinoids ensures accuracy and exceptional reproducibility. By incorporating these 2 technologies, Indicative Testing is able to analyze cannabis products with minimal sample prep…further reducing the opportunity for test variance.


Our Testing Process

What We Test For

  • CBC

  • CBCA

  • CBD

  • CBDA

  • CBDV


  • CBG

  • CBGA

  • CBL

  • CBN

  • CBNA

  • THC (delta-8)

  • THC (delta-9)

  • THCA

  • THCV


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