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Meet Your Local Testing Partners

We are a group of Mainers with over 100 years of combined experience in quality assurance, Analytical Testing, and Mechanical Processes.

As both medicinal and recreational Cannabis becomes more and more prevalent in Maine, the need for Safety Testing keeps pace.

As an analytical laboratory, we provide reports on products that go out into the marketplace. This helps the State, Clients, and their customers verify that levels of harmful contaminants remain within the limits set by the state.

It’s our mission to provide impeccable service, accurate results, and consistent turnaround times for our clients. We’re proudly serving you as a Mainer owned and operated cannabis lab. We offer all required Maine OCP cannabis testing, using state of the art equipment and cutting edge methods. We look forward to working with you, and customizing solutions to fit your needs.

OCP License:  MTF1372 

CDC License:  CTF2023-001 

Why Indicative

Why Choose Indicative Testing?

  • Experience

    Coming from the largest volume bottled water factory in the world, Indicative-Testing is battle tested…previously assuring the health and safety of millions of beverage consumers daily. More than likely, this team has already been protecting you and your family for years, and loving doing it. ➡️

  • Expertise

    Our personnel have been continuously improving safety, quality, and laboratory processes for decades. We have piloted many programs which became corporate standards. Leave us your sample knowing the utmost thought and care is being exercised to provide the most accurate result possible. ➡️

  • Local

    Just like you, many of us know someone who has a health condition where cannabis plays a large role in their treatment. It is personal to us, and we are so thankful to the hardworking caregivers who contribute to the health of our community every day. We are here to make your day easier. We created this business with our own savings, countless hours, and relentless effort. We built our team first, then our lab. We took each step carefully and thoughtfully, always with a people first approach. Indicative has been so lucky to have partnered with some amazing local businesses who, without them, this all would not be possible. Thank you everyone for your help and love! ➡️

  • State-of-the-Art

    Although we are a small local business, Indicative-Testing has spared no expense in partnering with PerkinElmer and their Cannabis and Hemp Analysis team. Using their cannabis-specific suite featuring data management software, automated sample prep, and multi-technology test equipment, Indicative is able to reduce test variability and turnaround times. We provide you with results you can trust. ➡️

  • Competitive Prices and Turnaround Times

    Just because we process your order quickly, accurately, and with a smile…doesn’t mean we cost more! Indicative-Testing carefully studied the industry so that we could provide superior service, while matching or out-pacing market average prices.

Our Team

The Team You Can Count On

Indicative-Testing has assembled a unique team of overachievers. Our scientists, biologists, technicians, analysts, and laboratory experts have quality and testing experience from industries with the highest standards in the world, from parts per million in the Semiconductor industry, to assuring the health and safety of millions of beverage consumers daily. We are here for you whether your tests pass or fail. We constantly verify our methods and equipment to ensure maximum standardization and control of our processes to secure precise, repeatable results.

Braden Adams

Facility Director

Chris deAguilar


Jason Johnson

Facilities Manager

Ryan Rossignol

VP of Customer Development

Troy Holston


Wayne McClellan


Norman Descoteaux

Office Manager

Matthew Alexander

Safety Director

Brandon Bowles

Microbiological Scientist

Isabel Descoteaux

Laboratory Analyst

  • Our partnerships help us lead the charge

    Partnering with Analytical Equipment manufacturer PerkinElmer, Indicative-Testing is leading the charge. With cutting edge technology to increase both accuracy and turn-around time, we help you get to market assured that you are providing a clean, safe product.

  • JANUS® G3 420 Workstation

    The JANUS® G3 420 automates the multiple sample preparation steps, including extraction, vortexing, centrifuging, diluting, and filtering, currently found in all testing labs. The JANUS G3 420 workstation is developed specifically to work seamlessly with our chromatography and mass spectrometry analytical instruments.  

  • Discover Our State of the Art Facility

    Indicative-Testing refused to put state-of-the-art equipment in a facility or community that could not support it. We spent months looking at dozens of locations until finding our home at 69 Eagle Drive in Sanford, Maine. Indicative has the best technologies to provide you with world-class cannabis testing services!

  • See our Case-Study

    Partnering with Erlab for a safe, clean enviornment. Link in menu: https://usa.erlab.com/indicative-testing-llc/


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